Crescent patterns repeating throughout your driveway have an Old World feel.


A conventional border makes a simple path into a vivid experience.


Here is an interesting pattern, perhaps for around a pool. Be creative and tell us what you'd like.


You may want a specific pattern woven into your cobblestones, or maybe a corporate logo.


Circles large and small, can be included in any cobblestone area.


Yes, we can work your monogram into a cobblestone pattern. Think about placing your street number on the apron of your driveway, courtyard, or other places of entry.


Walking spaces and court yard areas can be designed with a high degree of visual interest.


Granite Gray, Bordeaux Red and Champagne

These are your stone color choices. Use them alone or in combinations. In most instances, we will be able to secure cobblestones to match your colour preference. You may also select the material type and colour of the joint medium between cobblestones. We also offer coatings with which you can enhance stone luster and richness.

Designer Hints

European Cobblestones may be laid directly over unsightly grated storm drain openings without hindering water run-off rate.

An aesthetic consideration for municipal, commercial and residential applications! Installing cobblestones over existing asphalt or concrete is easily accomplished.