european cobblestone-20Irregularly shaped European Cobblestones have a warm appearance and surprising design possibilities. European Cobblestones far exceed the visual quality of asphalt, traditional paving stones with their boring repetitive patterns and stamped concrete or poured concrete with unsightly tension joints/cut lines.

Work with your designer to create a unique entry or walking space. We offer the customized variables to make your dream possible; three refined stone colours, variety of joint material, joint colours and differing stone patterns.

Cobblestones have been used in Europe for centuries. You’ll find our European Cobblestones are durable in all climate zones. In northern climes commercial snow plowing equipment will not damage it. Once installed European Cobblestones can be driven on and walked upon within 12 to 24 hours. Extremely permeable, it dissipates rainwater at a tremendous flow rate. This is most favorable for hardcover ordinance requirements.

European Cobblestone is a permanent investment-it does not have to be renewed or refurbished every five years like asphalt or concrete driveways. You will discover European Cobblestone can be installed more affordably than you would expect. Contact us for a professional proposal.

Beyond the aesthetic benefits of European Cobblestone are two practical considerations-erosion control and longevity.

Erosion Control

Large area commercial applications are prone to rain water erosion and degradation from freeze/thaw cycles. Property owners know that most surface materials can fail to control erosion. For an example, cobblestones would be an excellent choice for protecting against soil erosion on lake fronts, river edges and ocean frontages. An alternative, Rip Rap is extremely costly and very dangerous to walk on.


Durability is another practical consideration. Based on the dimensions of each stone and inherent material hardness, European Cobblestones cannot crack like poured concrete products or experience material failure common to asphalt. Cobblestones are ideal for use as stepping stones, terraces, balconies, verandas, garden paths and other long-term landscape applications. Additional areas which may benefit from cobblestone pavers are: parking areas, city sidewalks, shopping malls (inside and out), bus stops and crosswalks. Consider also, storage and maintenance floors.

European Cobblestone meets all of the following standards

ASTM C 140
ASTM C 150
ASTM C 979